Filmax has acquired the Spanish and international rights to a psychological thriller about a woman in the middle of a marital crises who is stalked by an unknown entity on return to her hometown. Called “Visitor,” the film is the directorial debut of Alberto Evangelio, a producer and director of […]

Barcelona production-distribution outfit Filmax has picked up international rights to director-producer Ibon Cormenzana’s “Guilt” ahead of its presentation at the Pre-Cannes Screenings, which run June 21-25. The Basque helmer directs his long-time partner Manuela Velles (“Muse,” “Kidnapped”) who co-developed the topical drama with him and was actually pregnant at the time of […]

Leading Barcelona production-distribution company Filmax has picked up the international rights to “Ama,” the directorial debut of Spain’s Julia de Paz Solvas. The mother-daughter drama bowed at Spain’s 24th Malaga Film Festival this week, where it plays in official competition. Filmax releases the feature theatrically in Spain on July 16. […]