Total Views : 72 Without a doubt, Juliani is going to trend for the better part of the year. You know, you can’t start dating the governor’s ex-wife and expect things to be normal. Of course, Kenyans were going to react. I am not taking sides here but the fact […]

Regional Australian funding body Screen Queensland has set up two projects, one a feature film, one a TV series, emanating from its relationship with fan-driven literary platform Wattpad Webtoon. Both will enjoy further input from super-fans before heading into production. Writer Dominic Morris and producer Nadine Bates from Brisbane production company Like A Photon Creative have […]

A heartbroken Aston Villa fan has filmed himself burning a Jack Grealish shirt with a homemade blowtorch following the midfielder’s 100million move to Manchester City. Grealish completed his move to City after signing a six-year contract and was officially unveiled on Thursday. While plenty of Villa fans understand Grealish’s motivations […]

Jinmi Abduls born Folarin Oluwafeyijinmi Abdulsalami in Lagos in 1997, is a recording and performing singer-songwriter. He’s also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer who is sometimes seen as the undisputed leader of the romantic music industry. At 24, Abduls has a long list of hits under his belt, including Doremi and Greed. got a glimpse into the thoughts […]

Released in 2017, Fortnite has become one of the biggest successes in the world of video games, and more and more footballers have taken to it, even broadcasting their games on different platforms (Youtube, Twitch .. .). In particular the Argentinian Sergio Agüero and the Colombian James Rodriguez played there […]