Tacha says BBNaija didn’t help her life, Twitter reacts

Tacha Akide, one of the most popular housemates on the BBNaija reality TV show, says the show did not help her life and Nigerians are pissed!

It all started when Tacha reacted to a comment on her TikTok which said, “Na Big Brother help your life na”. To this, she replied, “What? Help whose life? Big Brother gave me a platform. Tacha gave Big Brother a freaking show. What was Pepper Dem season without Tacha? Get your facts right.”

The influencer claimed that the drama she brought to the show is somehow proportional to the fame she got after the fact. But as we can all agree, giving one a platform is “helping their life”.

Watch the video below:

While fans hailed Tacha for staying relevant despite her disqualification from the BBNaija Pepper Dem season, other Twitter users were not so pleased. In fact, many dogpiled on the former housemate, calling her arrogant and ungrateful because no one knew her before the show. A lot of Nigerians including some celebrities went on to advise the reality TV star to stay humble and not “bite the finger that fed her.”

Tacha responded to them again, tweeting that she wasn’t ungrateful for saying the truth. She criticised Nigerians’ need for false displays of humility. She said staying humble wasn’t what got her out of depression and asked where this energy was when they mocked and celebrated her downfall.

Read her tweets below:

As Tacha pointed out, there is a culture of performative humility amongst Nigerians. And women, celebrities included, often face a lot of pressure to appear humble and never boast about themselves the way their male counterparts do.

Also, with the seemingly unfair treatment that many of Tacha’s fans say she endured during the show; is she still indebted to BBNaija for her success? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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