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Stunning Display Of Raila Mascot On New Strugglers Movement A Dead Giveaway






As the countdown to the 2022 presidential elections gains momentum political intrigues and alliances are mushrooming with stunning speed.CmaTrends

A new outfit calling itself the “Strugglers Movement” has been launched and although they claim not to support any political faction they unashamedly display the branded “R” in ODM Party leader Raila Amollo Odinga’s campaign mascot.CmaTrends

Pundits see this as yet another move by the master political strategist, Raila Amollo Odinga to counter the popularity of the “Hustler Movement”. The veteran doyen of Kenyan politics is a man who just like the mythological Phoenix keeps rising again, rebranding himself and moving on with political intrigues as they come.

It is said that Raila entered into the political arena at the age of 14 when he used to accompany his late father Ajuma Oginga Odinga into political meetings and has never done anything else apart from Politics.


Raila is credited with wrecking Kenya’s independence party KANU when he cunningly amalgamated his NDP to the party that president Moi said would rule Kenya for 100 years.

So far he has not announced his candidature for the 4th shot at the presidency but he is still considered a front-runner.


Following the Handshake Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto credits the ODM Party leader with dismantling Jubilee too.

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