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Stranger than fiction; second case with unbelievably striking similarities to first one haunts DPP






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As the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji continues the fight of his life to save his career following his handling, or alleged mishandling, of the Tob Cohen case, things have taken an eerie and creepy turn of dejavu. Once again the DPP finds himself thrust in the middle of allegations of incompetency in a new case. However, what’s even more shocking is that it’s a case that is a carbon-copy of the Cohen case, and bares stark similarities to it; sexual escapades of a white foreigner and a black Kenyan, a brutal murder, and later, discovery of a decomposed body in a tank.

Agnes Wanjiru, 21, was last seen walking into a hotel room at Lions Court in Nanyuki with two British soldiers on March 31, 2012. Her body was found two months later in a septic tank next to the room. She left a five-month-old daughter. The court concluded that she was killed by one or two British soldiers.

In an investigation between October 8, 2018 and the 5th Wanjiru was killed by British soldiers.

The results of the investigation were copied to the DPP and the AG to facilitate the arrest and prosecution of the murder suspects.

According to lawyer Wahome Gikonyo, Ms. Thuku’s recommendations were sufficient for the AG to force extradition of suspects charged with murder under Kenyan law. Ideally, the DPP would have pursued the murder case. The role of the AG would have been to enforce the arrest and extradition of the suspects and witnesses,” said Mr. Gikonyo.

Two years after the investigation was closed, nothing was done and the investigation was initiated the matter swept under the carpet until a British newspaper, The Sunday Times, exposed the cover-up.

Taking into account the evidence presented during the investigation and the decision of the magistrate, legal experts are now turning to the DPP and the AG because they did not act appropriately.

“That is very easy. They just had to have the soldiers extradited to Kenya. The soldiers who have never been questioned will give their testimony to the police and the DPP will summon those who testified in the investigation to the murder case, “said Gikonyo.

The DPP and AG were reached for a response regarding the Wanjiru murder case.

DDP Noordin Haji said he would provide a full answer but later passed the baton on to AG.

“I will reply in relation to the ODPP in due course. Maybe you should ask the AG what they did because we are two independent offices, ”he said.

AG Kariuki Kihara did not answer any inquiries.

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