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Stella Mwende remembered; the woman who caused a shootout- case is finally concluded






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Before Lilian Nganga, Alfred Mutua and Juliani, the most intriguing love triangle was that of Ronalo Foods owner William Osewe, Stella Mwende and Tom Orwa Mboya in 2016. Unlike the touchy feely Mutua case whose climax was Juliani recording a statement about some mysterious phone number that threatened his life, the Osewe case involved a dramatic shootout and near death in Thika Road’s Hagon Fish restaurant. It was a thrilling story, yet a difficult one for a journalist to narrate as the case was in court and so words such as “allegedly” had to be used. However, as Milimani Magistrate Martha Mutuku concluded the case yesterday, now the dramatic story can be narrated effortlessly.

Witnesses said that Osewe and Mboya, who are both Gor Mahia fans, exchanged harsh words when they bumped into each other at Hagon fish restaurant near Rosters along Thika road.

“Osewe walked in and found the other man eating. He began shouting at him, asking him what it is the man and his wife were planning,” said a waiter.

Mboya drew his Ceska pistol and threatened to shoot. Osewe dared him. Mboya then fired three bullets in rapid succession.

Two bullets entered Osewe’s abdomen and one hit his leg. One bullet exited his body an

hit the leg of a watchman who did not realise until he saw the blood.

Clients at the restaurant took cover while Mboya rushed to his car and drove off.

Osewe lay writhing on the ground but was soon rushed to a nearby AAR clinic and then taken in an ambulance to Aga Khan hospital in critical condition.

Two years earlier, in 2014, Mboya had reported at Nairobi Area CID offices that Osewe had accused him of having an affair with Mwende and threatened him.

Osewe went out with Mwende, a former banker, for several years when he ran his first restaurant near Nairobi Railway Station. He eventually married her as a second wife, and they got two children who are now adults.

Mboya, was a former tour driver running his own company, and was married with seven children.

He told police in 2014 that Osewe had accused him of going out with his wife, an accusation he denied.

A file was opened but the two parties settled the matter out of court after intervention from family and friends.

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