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South Africa & Nigeria Make Up Largest African Population In The UK (Pix)



Data published by the UK’s office for national statistics in 2021, shows that a significant number of Nigerians and South Africans have made a move to the UK permanently.

The data – which is based on the country’s annual population survey – shows the number of overseas-born people (by country) who live permanently in the UK as of the end of June 2020.

The survey shows that the country with the largest overseas population is India, with an estimated 847,000 Indian people currently living in the UK.

This is followed by Poland (746,000 people) and Pakistan (519,000 people) who ranked in second and third place respectively.

South Africa is ranked in ninth position, with an estimated 229,000 people currently living in the country, while Nigeria completes the top10 with 219,000 people. According to the list, the two countries represent the largest population of Africans in the UK.

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