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Sonko now turns the ”fake death” blunder into a joke- announces Muthama’s death





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On Saturday, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko found himself in the eye of a storm after he was engaged in the spreading of fake and harmful news concerning the death of former Attorney General and powerful cabinet member Charles Njonjo. After the rumours were dispelled by the former AG’s family, Sonko ate humble pie and apologised for his role in the unfortunate incident. However, hours later, Sonko posted what was considered a disturbing photo of a mangled car wreak of a friend of his known as JR Githere as proof that he had indeed died. Now, he has posted about the death of Muthama.

Although he was talking about another Muthama, one couldn’t help noticing that the naughty ex-governor’s post was structured in a way meant to lead most to believe he was talking about the former Machakos Senator, Johnston Muthama. This is especially since he pointed out that the dead Muthama was from Machakos. His post on Twitter read,

Mike Sonko


RIP my friend Muthama. You were the most loved guy in Machaa. Imagine he was with friends at club Legend on Friday kweli Kifo hakina huruma. Familia Mungu awapatie nguvu during this difficult moment. Count on my support.

Over the weekend, Sonko had been at the forefront in spreading news that the former Attorney General Charles Njonjo had died.

Later on, this news was rubbished as rumours, with The Standard newspaper reporting that

“In a text message to a senior journalist at Citizen TV as seen by The Standard on Sunday, October 10, the 101-year-old former cabinet member termed the rumours as great exaggeration adding, he was enjoying his weekend.”

Sonko immediately expressed his sincerest apologies, writing,

Mike Sonko


I Sincerely wish to apologise to the family of the former AG Charles Njonjo and Kenyans in general for the misleading information that Charles had gone to be with the Lord.

However I learnt the same from a Mr. Salim Lone who is a close friend of Charles Njonjo but who has since apologized to the Njonjo’s family and the public for the misleading information through his tweet. Charles may you live longer than your current age.

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