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Somalian Soldiers Told To Get Ready To Attack Kenya






Somali National Army soldiers march during the 57th Anniversary of the Somali National Army held at the Ministry of defence in Mogadishu on April 12, 2017. AMISOM Photo / Ilyas Ahmed Total Views : 46

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has called on the country’s military forced to get ready to attack Kenya over the ongoing maritime raw between the two countries.

In a public notice, President Farmajo urged Somalian citizens and the army to get ready and protect their maritime border if Kenya declines to vacate the border in the next seven days.

The president accused Kenya of unlawfully claiming Somalia’s territory despite the call by the Internation Court of Justice of her to surrender the disputed territory.

“The people of Somalia will not sit and watch as Kenya continues with its illegal pursuit that ultimately threatens our sovereignty,” Farmajo said in a public notice.

President Farmaajo and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru. Photo: Courtesy “It is against this background of Kenyan government’s impunity that I’m rallying all of you (Somali people) to stand up and protect what is rightfully belongs to us. With the mandate bestowed on me as your president, I am hereby giving the Kenyan government seven days – starting October 22, 2021 – to cease access to the Somalia side of the maritime border according to the delimitation by the ICJ. Should Kenya defy this, we will protect our territory with everything at our disposal,” he added.

“I am directing the military forces of the Federal Republic of Somalia to be on standby; ready to protect our territory from aggressors.”

President Farmajo’s statement comes a day after Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta maintained that his country will not cede even an inch of its boundary to any country. He further stated that Kenya is ready to defend its territorial integrity.

In his Mashujaa Day speech in Kirinyaga county, the Head of State said the move by Kenya to defend its boundary is a war it inherited and one it shall also bestow on future generations.

“The resolve of our founding fathers rings as true then as it does today: not an inch less; not an inch more. We say this because we are a nation content with its bounty, and content with the splendor within our borders,” he said.

“Since the dawn of our Republic, on many occasions, we have experienced territorial aggressions to the sanctity of our borders. Some have been driven from within and others from without. But the message of our Founding Fathers to these aggressors was simple: Not an Inch Less; Not an Inch More,” he added.

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