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Somali Human Rights Commission Puts Government On Notice Over Continued Massacre Of Coastal Residents And Somalis






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The Somali Human Rights Commission has put the Kenyan government on notice over what it terms as continued massacre of coastal residents and Somalis in North Eastern Kenya.

In a letter, copied to several regional and international bodies, the commission’s chairman, Hussein Ali, enlisted several cases of unexplained disappearances of Kenyans of Somali descent, who are later discovered dead or harmed.

Here is the letter addressed to the government, regional and international bodies;

The Coast and the NFD were annexed by the British during their independence. Kenyan security forces, acting on the orders of the country’s top leaders and officials, are brutally treating Coastal Residents and Somalis cruelly with genocide such as the Wagalo massacre.

The massacre doubled in 2011 when Kenyan troops entered Somalia on behalf of Norway’s ambitions for oil on the coast of Lower Jubba-Somalia(Proxy War).

Since that time, Kenya has not respected its Constitution, the rule of law, and the rights of citizens, and has adopted the Jungle Law which is well implemented in that country.

About a thousand people have been killed by Kenyan forces on the coast and in the NFD, some of them thrown their bodies in the cities at night, some of the missing are given to wild lions and others are dumped in the rivers.


(1) Moh’ud Bashir Moh’ed, Businessman, Somali-US citizen who was abducted by Kenyan forces on May 13, May 24, 2011 and found dead floating on the Niyamidi River.

(2) AbdiWahab Sheikh AbdiSamad, Scholar, Somali-Kenyan citizen, abducted by Kenyan forces Wednesday, September 8, 2021 still is missing.

(3) The BBC Somali Service reports on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 that Kenyan police have brought 11 bodies of slain people removed from the Tana River to Garissa Hosptial, those people were killed 3 months ago and then thrown into the river. The body of those people were thrown into the river with their hands tied behind their backs and their bodies reflecting the torture.

It is difficult to identify these bodies as their bodies have changed and rotted. Garissa residents go to Garissa Hospital morgue to search for missing relatives .

Therefore, the International Community is considering these war crimes, crimes against humanity committed by Kenyan Top leaders and officials and a cases files previously filed with the International Criminal Court, They should punish the Kenyan Authorities for the legal punishment they deserve, by lifting economic sanctions, because of it will only harm innocent Kenyans.

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