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Size 8 on Why She Didn’t Want A 3rd Child





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Pregnancy journies might be smooth while others are not. For Size 8 for example, it has not always been easy for the mother of two and soon-to-be mother of 3. Size 8 revealed that she had to undergo C-section for both of her two pregnancies. For that, she revealed that she did not plan on getting another baby thanks to the previous complications that she previously had. As she was announcing the news, she revealed that her birth control pills failed her and here we are expecting baby number 3! Wow, Size 8.

It seems like Size 8 is due almost any time. She has been posting prayer quotes on social media dedicating them to her unborn child.


Speaking in a recent interview, she said that baby number 3 was never part of her plans. But apparently, a close friend of hers one day came to visit her and told her to prepare for number  3 and now that she is here, she doesn’t have any regrets. She said:

One of my sisters is very prayerful. One day she had visited me then she heard the voice of God; telling her to tell me to prepare for another baby.

With such news, any woman would be happy and excited. But as for Size 8, she says she wasn’t sure how to feel about the news thanks to her near-death experience delivering Ladasha Belle and Muraya Junior.

Speaking about her fears, Size 8 went on to open up saying;

I was not ready to give birth again after the struggles I went through with my first two children.


We wish size 8 nothing but the best in her delivery and as they plan to welcome a new member to their family. Dj Mo recently took Size 8 to a babymoon and the mother of two couldn’t hide her joy as seen on her Instagram.

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