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Six Birds Drop Dead On The Lord’s Chosen Altar In Lagos (Picture, Video)




6 Strange Birds Dropped dead on their own accord on the Lord’s Chosen Altar.


We Live in very Strange and wicked times. The kingdoms of darkness are raging terribly and unleashing all their arsenals to bring pains to humanity Worldwide.

Knowing the shortness of the times, the agents and kingdoms of darkness worldwide are doing all they can to fight those who they know are standing in their path and hindering them from performing their evil and wicked enterprises.

Wednesday 22nd of December, 2021 six strange looking evil birds Visited the ALTAR of altars at the Lord’s Chosen Coporate Headquarters, Amuwo-odofin , Ijesha Lagos and God of Chosen slayed them all.

Service was not even going on! The strange looking birds never before seen came to the altar to do their evil but were met with the superior power of the ancient of the days. They Were slain right on the altar.

Watch video below;