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Sit-At-Home: Asaba Is Taking Over The Economy Of The East




Asaba has now become the chosen destination for many igbo business people.


Many Igbo’s who trade in onitsha have now migrated to live in Asaba.

Many have sited their warehouses in Asaba and have their shops in onitsha.

As the useless sit at home goes on In onitsha, they are able to supply goods to customers in Asaba.

The customers now stop in Asaba, feed in asaba, lodge in asaba, transport in Asaba etc.

They now have to pay for their warehouses in Asaba.

When there is sit at home on monday, trucks bringing goods to the east, spend the night in Asaba. The drivers sleep, and feed in Asaba.

All that spending goes to delta state government. They will pray for the foolish sit at home to continue in Igboland, let business activities be diverted.