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Siaya County Governor Rasanga urged to drop his bid for Alego Usonga Parliamentary seat ahead of 2022 general elections






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The Elders from Alego Usonga Constituency have asked Governor Cornel Rasanga and Former area Member of Parliament George Muluan Omondi to drop their 2022 Alego/Usonga Parliamentary bid in favour of parliamentary aspirant Nicholas Kut Ochogo.

Speaking in Siaya town, the chairman of Kakan Kanyango community, Okoth Olwoko, urged Rasanga to step down in favour of Kut whom he claimed to have been endorsed and blessed for the seat.

“We are going to support a single candidate for the position and not Rasanga for we had given him full support in 2013 and 2017 respectively,” Oluoko said adding that two are kinsmen and cannot go for the same post.

“We request them to vie for other remaining positions or help ODM leader Raila Odinga in a presidential campaign so as to be considered for other portfolios in National government,” he added.

Olwoko said the MP seat does not match Rasanga’s league and in case he is defeated, he shall lose the respect he had earned.

“When he faced stiff competition in his previous quests, he approached us as his uncles and we defended him fully. As per Luo, tradition it’s a taboo for a child to fight for a position with his father.”

Besides Kut, Muluan, Rasanga and Incumbent Samwel Atandi, the other leaders who ran for a gubernatorial post in 2013 William Oduol Denge are also eyeing for the Parliamentary seat.

The elders formally endorsed Kut’s bid, technically posing a big challenge to other possible contenders eyeing the seat from the region.

This comes after Governor Rasanga had declared his interest for the seat at Randago Village Center, a move that has angered his uncles under the Kakan Clan.

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