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Shocking, annoying and disgusting; exposé of police paying off victims of CBD con artistes






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In a groundbreaking exposé by KTN, viewers were not only shocked but disgusted too by the level of complicity that police officers are at with the conmen and women scattered all over Nairobi CBD, swindling money from hardworking Kenyans. So entangled are the law enforcers, that sometimes when a victim of the con artistes goes to complain to them, they simply refund the victim the money that was stolen from him or her in order to avoid a lengthy case, and will demand reimbursement from the fraudsters later.

All this was exposed following an investigative feature by KTN’s investigative reporter, Siraju Rahaman Abdullahi. In a Madubini piece titled, Karata Za Utapeli, it was revealed that the crime underworld symbolised by gambling and dubious promotions is mainly controlled by three notorious crime-boss fraudsters.

The first one goes by the alias CD, standing for City Dweller. CD never visits the gambling areas of the scenes of crime. Instead he has his own office where he coordinates his activities such as paying off the police.

The second crime boss con artiste goes by the name Murage, and just like CD, he never visits the bases of operation, and he too runs an office from where he collects his loot, and bribes the police.

However, one called Vaite, who is also among the crime bosses, is visible on the ground where he has a hands-on role in the operations of his group, as he takes regular breaks to bribe policemen and women every now and then.

Siraju Rahaman was able to discover that the outfits are able to operate freely since they usually manage to contrive and acquire a betting license from the Nairobi County government. From here, they’re able to defraud people and bribe the police who then use the betting license excuse to explain why they can’t arrest them.

In the shocking exposé, a woman by the names Elizabeth Mwikali was conned by the criminals, and when she went to Kamukunji Police Station to report the crime, they decided to pay her off and send her away, afraid that she’ll cause problems.

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