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Senate panel seeks raps vs 27




Pastillas Scam Bureau Of Immigration: A piece of news is coming into the highlight from Manila, Phillippines. The news is about a Senate Committee as it recommended the criminal case of 27 current and former immigration personnel for involving in the “pastillas scam”. This news has been making the headlines and snatching everyone’s attention. It has become a hot topic in the whole nation to talk about it. The news has also been circulating all over the internet. The netizens are continuously reacting to the news. People want to know the whole matter of what is actually ongoing. In this article, you will get all the information regarding the matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

Pastillas Scam Bureau Of Immigration

On Monday, A Senate Committee solicited for the criminal lawsuit of 27 current and former immigration personnel for being involved in the so-called “pastillas scam” which allowed the entry into the country of thousands of foreign, mostly Chinese, workers in exchange for bribes at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia). Risa Hontiveros is the chair of the Senate Committee on women, family relations, children, and gender equality.

Sen said, “If some people think they have silenced the investigation into the pastillas scam, they are wrong. It is time for the government to carry out an overhaul of the Bureau of Immigration (BI)”. The pastillas scam was a clandestine operation whereby the entry of mostly Chinese nationals are allowed, especially workers for Phillippine offshore gaming operators (Pogos), along with hardly any scrutiny in exchange for noble to corrupt immigrations officers at Naia.

The report issued by the committee said, “It also encouraged inbound prostitution, with the creation of ‘Chinese-only’ prostitution that made the country a destination for foreign trafficked women on a scale not seen before”. The presented immigration data, Hontiveros stated that almost four million Chinese have entered the country from August 2017 to January 2020, inspired by the booming Pogo industry and its asking for Mandarin-speaking workers.

The committee recommended filing the graft charges against the former and current immigration personnel supervised by Marc Red Marinas who was the head of BI’s Ports operation division, while his father, Maynardod Marinas who is the ex-chief of the Special Operations Communication Unit. As per the committee report, these foreigners are allowed into the country without essential checks or screenings that are standard rules for non-Filipino. Stay tuned with us for further details regarding this article.