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Samsung also wants to sell cell phones in LG’s physical stores





Samsung is also interested in selling its mobile phones at LG’s physical stores in South Korea, according to information from the portal SamMobile. Apparently, the South Korean giant has already contacted the local rival to ask that their smartphones be placed on the shelves of LG Best Shops.

As we have seen a few days ago, LG confirmed that it is in contact with Apple to sell iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads in its chain of physical stores in South Korea and, according to the details provided, the sale of these products in Best Shops is already will start on August 1st. This decision did not please the main telephone operators in the country, but LG was adamant and will market the products of Giant of Cupertino in its stores in South Korea.

Now, according to the new information, Samsung has also started to move in this direction and would already be in contact with LG so that smartphones from the Galaxy line are also offered for sale at Best Shops. The manufacturer would be worried about competition with Apple and the possibility of losing a little market share of 5G smartphones.

According to the details that emerged, the formal request for collaboration between the companies was made by three of the largest telephone operators in South Korea, who spoke with LG on behalf of Samsung.

However, although so far there is no concrete information on the matter, the same sources that reported this alleged deal also point to a possibility that LG will not accept this request and continue with the sale of only Apple cell phones — a move not so surprising, given the history of competition between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics before the latter exited the mobile device market.

In addition to LG’s possible refusal, this deal is also strongly opposed by other sides. South Korea’s National Mobile Telecommunications Distribution Association sees a possible decline in sales as a result of the deal. Meanwhile, within Samsung itself there is also resistance, as Samsung Digital Plaza — the brand’s retail network — currently receives about a third of cellphone sales and that number could drop if the manufacturer starts selling Galaxy smartphones. at the rival’s store.

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