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Who is Sam Lovegrove?

Sam Lovegrove is a popular motorcycle engineer and celebrity that has appeared on a lot of Tv shows alongside Henry Cole. Sam became popular after appearing on the popular TV series The MotorBike show alongside Henry. Before he became famous, Sam worked on renowned engineering projects and he previously worked for Gemini Accident Repair Center Limited.

In this article, I would write about Sam Lovegrove biography, age, education, tv shows, family, wife, net worth, and other facts about him. First, let’s take a look at his profile below.

Profile summary

NameSam Lovegrove
Net worth$1million
Sam Lovegrove profile summary

Sam Lovegrove Biography

Sam Lovegrove is an Engineer by profession but he is now a TV star who has appeared on a lot of Tv shows alongside his friend Henry Cole. Though he is a celebrity, Sam likes to keep his personal life private and there is no information on his educational background and family background. His base of operation is Redruth, a town located in Cornwall, England.

Sam Lovegrove Wife

Sam Lovegrove is a secretive person and according to sources, he is married with four kids though he is yet to confirm this.

Sam Lovegrove Tv Shows

Sam has appeared on a lot of Tv shows and he appeared on all the shows alongside his best friend Henry. His shows are tv series and the names of the shows he has featured in are Shed & Buried, Find it, Fix it, Drive it, and Junk and Disorderly. We would write a preview of each of the shows below.

Sam Lovegrove and Henry cole in picture
Sam Lovegrove and Henry cole in the picture

Shed and Buried

Shed and Buried is a TV show where Same Lovegrove and Henry Cole travel around the United Kingdom to explore people’s sheds with the hope of seeing an old bike and car that they can purchase with their money. After purchasing the old bikes and cars, they turn them into functional machines which they would now sell to buyers. The show is made up of seasons with each season containing a specific amount of episodes. The first episode of the show aired on March 24, 2015, and they are currently on the third season of the show.

Find It, Fix It, Drive It

The first episode of this show aired on March 27, 2019, and this show is similar to Shed and Buried but the aim is different. On Find It, Fix it, Drive it, he and Henry look for vintage vehicles with the aim of fixing it and using it for what it was initially designed for. So far, only one season of the show has been aired.

Junk and Disorderly

Junk and Disorderly is a series where Sam and Henry make money by selling other people’s automotive junks and classic collectibles.

Sam Lovegrove Net worth

Sam owns a collection of bikes and he has earned a lot of money from transforming old bikes and vintage vehicles. His estimated net worth is $1million.


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