Sam Gituku; the new sheriff in town



Only recently, the only thing that Sam Gituku could inspire from viewers were “awwwwhhs” for his boyish looks, tiny prickles that passed for moustaches, and chubby cheeks that ladies just wanted to pull. This became all the more, after his wedding, when pictures of his smitten blushing face completed his boy scout image. However, in just a couple of years, Gituku has transformed into one of the most ferocious and vicious interviewers in the country. The video of him pushing the usually combative Alice Wahome to the wall and making her fall apart unable to construct a simple sentence coherently has gone viral. However, Alice is just one of the many victims of Sam Gituku.

Unbeknownst to many, even before the now popular clip of Alice Wahome chewing her tongue unable to simply explain the bottom-up approach, Gituku had already gored her, and when he probably heard the smell of blood, he decided to go back for more.

During the early stages of the interview, Alice had said that Ford Kenya has only three members of parliament. After some quick fact-checking, Gituku put it to her that in fact Ford Kenya had more than 20 MPs, and she apologised and took back her words, which is quite uncharacteristic of her.

Before Alice, was Belgut MP Nelson Koech.

This unfolded on Citizen TV’s morning political show Daybreak, which was hosted by Sam Gituku. Alongside Nelson Koech in the studio was Orange Democratic Movement party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and former nominated Senator who was recently ousted, Isaac Mwaura.

In explaining how the Deputy President’s political movement was free of any tribal and ethnic galvanising, Koech referred to the voting pattern in the Rift Valley in the 2017 general elections to emphasize his point. He claimed that in terms of percentage points, Kericho voted for Uhuru more than all other Central Kenya counties.

Before the show came to an end, Gituku brought it to Koech’s attention that in fact, according to the official figures, Kericho had voted 92 percent for Uhuru while Kiambu had voted 92.5 percent, and Murang’a had voted 97 percent for the president.

A shamed and crestfallen Koech apologised for providing inaccurate statistics.

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