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Saga reveals Big Brother prank to Nini



Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Saga, has revealed Biggie’s secret prank to Nini. This happened on Wednesday, day 53 0f the show.

Biggie tasked the male housemate to start a fight with Nini, the person Saga has repeatedly confessed he has feelings for. Big Brother gave them this assignment during their Diary Session on Tuesday, day 52 of the show. This was supposed to be a secret between the housemate and Big Brother. 

However, while trying to calm Nini down after an altercation with Cross, Saga revealed that Biggie tasked him to start a fight with Nini during his Diary Session.

He confessed that he would never do such a thing to her. Saga also told Nini all that had transpired between him and Biggie in the Diary Session on Tuesday. He told her,

“Yesterday during the Diary Session, he (Biggie) said there’s a task for me, that I should fight with you and not talk to you till the next Diary Session.”

“Have you gone for the next one?” Nini asked.

When Saga said no, Nini told him, “Good luck to you.”

“But I can’t do this to you. No. I’m so sorry,” Saga told Nini, stating that he met Big Brother that he could not do the task but Biggie did not give him a response.

This is coming only few hours after Nini confronted Saga for giving her an attitude. At the time she had not known it had been a part of the prank from Biggie.

Saga is not the only one who was given the tast to prank a love interest on Tuesday. Female housemate, Liquorose was also given the task. Biggie asked her to start a fight with Emmanuel and she has been executing her task well.

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