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Ruto Warns Deep State Against Executing Their New Plan To Block His 2022 Presidency






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Deputy President William Ruto has once again said that some powerful people are trying to force a leader on Kenyans during next year’s general elections.

He is among politicians who are keen on succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta, a bid said to have irked some powerful people dubbed ‘Deep State’.

He now says that the said group is indeed at work to manipulate the outcome of the elections, the plan being to dictate who leads Kenyans next.

The same group, he said, is the one trying to amend the constitution to deny ‘hustlers’ leadership, warning them that their plot will not be allowed to succeed.

“They have formed a gang to plot against us. But can they defeat all hustlers of Kenya?” he posed in Meru, according to The Standard.

Ruto warned that the “elite” behind this plan are about to ensure that only they benefit, at the expense of the suffering people of Kenya.

He claimed that these are rich people whose only intention is to further benefit themselves and do not want to see benefits going to other people.

“The rich people are telling us that they want to share posts. We are telling them to allows us to transform the economy first,” he added.

He stated that the change the constitution push will also be fully rejected by his camp, the same way he is fighting those trying to manipulate the 2022 vote.

He has for some time now been bashing President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga over them law changes push, terming them selfish.

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