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Ruto Scathingly Attacks Uhuru, Claims Any Plan Hatched Against Him Will Not Stop His 2022 Presidency






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Deputy President William Ruto has once again sent an indirect attack towards his boss; President Uhuru Kenyatta, only days after he said that he still respects the President and would like a truce with him.

On Tuesday, he was in Kilome, Makueni County, where he said that he is aware of what the President, who is working with his opponents, is planning for him, announcing that he is ready to face them.

The alleged plans, he suggested, are aimed towards preventing his presidency, after a while of accusing the President of trying to organise the opposition so that it can beat him in next year’s elections.

He also once again mocked those who have been pushing for law changes, a camp that includes the President, saying that the team, unlike him, doesn’t know what Kenyans really desire and need.

“We have agreed that in this country, no one will be left behind. Every time, they have been telling us to change the Constitution to create a prime minister’s post and to share power. We are telling them this time that before talking about changing the Constitution, let us change our economy,” he said.

The attack comes only days after, while speaking in Kakamega County, he accused the President of plotting against him and without mentioning names warned him and his team of humiliation next year.

The Second In Command spoke as he expressed confidence that his Hustler Movement will form the next government, stating that through his ‘Bottom Up’ idea, every Kenyan will be involved in building Kenya.

The DP said that his is a plan to bring all Kenyans to the same level, including those currently seen as lower placed, like bodaboda riders and small entrepreneurs, whom he held also pay taxes.

He further stated that he has been in government for long enough to know what needs to be done and will be using that experience to implement his plan.

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