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Russian Paratroopers In Ukraine and What About The Military Rumors? Revealed




TikTok: Russian Paratroopers In Ukraine and What About The Military Rumors? Revealed: The Internet has been taken over by the Ukraine-Russia conflict news and many videos and photos are being uploaded on social media, among various videos, and photos on social media a video is roaring in which Russian troops can be seen landing on the disputed soil of Ukraine. Since this news has surfaced on online platforms this video is making breaking news and people have been tensed due to the worse situation of the conflict. A paratrooper of Russia speaking something in his native language while landing in Ukraine with his pals and filming the air invasion. Keep reading this article to learn about the content of the video which is trending right now on social media. Follow More Update On

Russian Paratroopers In Ukraine

Russian Paratroopers In Ukraine TikTok

As we have told you above a Russian soldier was shooting while landing in Ukraine and also filming his pals who were with him in an air invasion. The troop who filmed the video is laughing jocularly while filming the landing process and mechanism of landing. This video has increased the fear and tension among the people as it could lead to a worse situation than before. Critics also showed their concern over the viral video of Russian paratroopers as their thoughts on this video are as the war is not a matter of fun as it costs lives.

What About The Military Rumors?

BBC Network also displayed some pictures that are circulating on the internet during the time of conflict. The video which is has been gone viral on social media was initially uploaded on TikTok where it has been viewed by more than 2 million people since upload of the video and it has been liked by 24K people, those people who liked the video might be the supporter of Russia or might be world peace is not important for them.

Initially, it was believed that the same video is of Russian paratroopers who invaded the Ukraine country but later it came to know that the same video is available on the internet since 2015 and this video does not belong to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Those posts and videos that are claiming the marching of Russian troops and tanks on the disputed land of Ukraine are not relevant as these videos are spreading falsified news just to lure likes and views on social media so stay away from these kinds of stuff. Keep reading the news articles on this page.