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Russia accuses Navalny and allies of extremism in new lawsuit






Russia intensified its campaign against government opponent Alexei Navalny, opening a new judicial process this Tuesday, which could lead to him serving a prison sentence of another decade.

Navalny is serving two and a half years in prison for violating probation, a situation he claims was fabricated to thwart his political ambitions. Their allies’ homes were raided and their freedom of movement restricted, with some fleeing the country after their activities were considered. extremists, reminded the agency Reuters.

The Kremlin has intensified its tough approach to critics and organizations it sees as a threat to the country’s stability. In this new case, the details of which were shared by the Russian Investigation Committee, Navalny is accused of founding and leading an extremist group, a crime that could get him up to a decade in prison.

Some of Navalny’s key allies are accused in the same lawsuit, according to the statement, which characterizes their activities as criminals.

“The illegal activities of the extremist group were aimed at discrediting the state authorities and their policies, destabilizing the situation in the regions, creating a climate of protest among the population and trying to form a public opinion on the need for a violent change in power”, well how to “organize and carry out protest actions that turn into mass riots”, says the note.

The Committee accuses Navalny’s allies, many of them abroad, of continuing alleged illegal activities even after the group is classified as extremist.

Lyubov Sobol, an ally of Navalny, wrote on Twitter that the accusations are “absurd”. “My colleagues’ crimes: they participated in elections, investigated the corruption of senior officials and participated in peaceful protests and wrote on Twitter…”, he reported.

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