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Roberto Lewandowski Speech After Winning Striker Of The Year Award





Roberto Lewandowski: To start, I would like to congratulate Lionel Messi 👏🏻 Ballon d’Or Winner.

I want to thank every single journalist who voted for me, and believed that my achievements were important in 2021.

I won Striker Of The Year Award and no player can win an individual award without the strongest team and loyal fans behind him. And for me it’s no different. I want to thank my club Bayern Munich for the platform they’ve given me to succeed and to achieve my dreams. I want to thank my teammates in the Polish National Team and in Bayern Munich. I also want to thank my fans for supporting me every single day it means a lot to me.

And the most important thing, huge thanks to my family 🙏
thank you Mom, thank you Anna – you are the love of my life and my best friend, thanks to my sister Milena and to my friends and management team for the continuous support, the foundation of my achievements.

Thank you.

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