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Who is Richard Taubman?

Richard Taubman is a real estate developer by profession, a singer, a photographer and he’s indigenous to American culture. He was first tagged under the limelight after standing out as Christie Brinkley’s third husband. In this post, I will be writing about Richard Taubman biography, marriage, net worth, family, and other facts about him. First, let’s look at his profile.

Profile Summary

NameRichard Taubman
Age73 years
Date of birth1948
NationalityAmerican, German
Occupation Real Estate Developer
Net worth$200 million – $300 million
Richard Taubman profile summary

Richard Taubman Biography

Born on American soil in the year 1948 he was under the tutelage of one of America’s most influential business moguls, his father, late S Morris Taubman who was also into the real estate business.

While growing up, little could be concluded on what type of childhood Taubman had, his life existed behind closed doors in complete privacy. He had a very limited presence on social media as his Facebook account is set to private.

Richard Taubman Relationship/Marriage

Before Richard wedded Christie Brinkley he was formerly the other half of Elizabeth freeman for three years.

His marriage didn’t last long as Richard’s bad temperament made sure of that. He had expressed violent tendencies towards her and after due consideration, she elected to dissolve her union with him.

She, also having issues with his frivolous character and implausible exuberant taste for reckless spending, noted in their divorce paper that Taubman possessed no regard for budgeting and as so freely dispersed as much $61,000 a month.

Richard Taubman Marriage with Christie Brinkley

After the abrupt conclusion of his previous relationship with Elizabeth, a friend of his delivered Christie, an American model, into his hands at a party. He painted himself in bright lights giving her a positive perception of who he is, he furthermore won her heart with his sense of adventure and constant chatter.

After the initiated introduction and being abreast with formal knowledge of each other, succeeded by a consecution of nine months they opted to get hitched.

Richard Taubman and Christie Brinkley and their son Jack when he was a baby
Richard Taubman and Christie Brinkley and their son Jack when he was a baby

Christie Brinkley, a fashion designer, businesswoman, and supermodel who has appeared on covers of more than 500 magazines, on accepting Taubman’s friendly offer, took to the Telluride ridge to ski down.

In the course of doing just that, she was involved in a helicopter crash but fortunately for her and Taubman, they landed on snow leaving them with only minor scratches and welts.

Richard on the 22nd of December Recited wedding vows a second time and tied the knot with Christie Brinkley, birthing a union that lasted for a period of 1 year.

Richard Taubman Divorce

The birth of Jack Paris Brinkley wasn’t enough to extend their marriage period till death.

On the 22nd of December 1994 Exactly 1 year after their marriage Christie Brinkley filed for divorce and left their marriage leaving 7 weeks old Jack Brinkley with a vague connection to his father. Taubman was denied visitation and Christine acclaimed full custody of Jack.

The reason for their divorce remains far from clear but speculations revolving around financial issues were supposed to be the pivotal point of their terminated marriage. On a few occasions, Taubman was rumored to be indebted to Christine, owing her a whooping sum of $1.5million with no motive of paying back.

Richard Taubman Career

Richard Taubman is a real estate developer, photographer, and singer.

Richard Taubman Weight, Height

Taubman, an averagely tailored human, spans over the height of 5ft 8 inches and weighs a total of 90 kg.

Richard Taubman Net worth

Over the period of years, Taubman has been able to secure a measurable amount of wealth from his real estate business but uncertainty still drags it to being paradoxical as it covers 200 million- 300million USD.

Richard Taubman Family

Richard Taubman is the father of Jack Brinkley cook, Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook, and stepfather of Alex Ray Joel.

His previous wife Christie Brinkley is a supermodel she has established her line of business which comprises hair extensions, real estate, eyewear, and beauty products. She currently has a net worth of 80million USD. Currently, Taubman has no intimate relationship with one.

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