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Real Madrid: the poignant confidences of Eden Hazard on his first two struggling seasons






After two complicated seasons in the Madrid jersey, the Belgian winger hopes to rise from the ashes this season. His recurring physical glitches, his future ambitions, the former Lille resident confided as rarely in an interview with the Belgian press.

The idyll between Eden Hazard remains anything but a long quiet river. Landed as a real rock star at the Bernabeu in July 2019 for more than 100 million euros, the Belgian winger has seen recurring injuries thwart his rise. Because in Spain and especially at Real Madrid, everyone is impatient to see the dazzling Red Devil over a full season. The socios of the Casa Blanca daydream of an exercise where Hazard would allow their team to touch the summits, without any shadow on the board. Because for many, Hazard rhymes with injuries, a fragile player, a questionable lifestyle …

An unflattering reputation that affects the main protagonist. In an interview with HLN, the Belgian international gives himself without concession over his 24 months in Madrid which turned into a nightmare. In two seasons, the former Lille has played 43 games in all competitions for five goals scored with the Merengues. Far from the maddening statistics that shaped the legend of the Belgian at Stamford Bridge. Aware of the disappointment he has caused since his arrival in Madrid, Eden Hazard clearly assumes not to have met expectations.

Eden Hazard is revenge

“People think I’m still hurt. It’s the truth. But if you look at my career, there isn’t a player who has played as many games for ten years as I have. I do what I have to do. I work daily with the physiotherapist, the physical trainer at Real, we did a great job at the start of the season. For the moment, things are going well, but I am not yet 100% “, loose the former figurehead of Chelsea. The Belgian winger does not hide it, if he does not reach the fullness of his physical means, his game, his explosiveness will suffer. On the right path before approaching the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup with Belgium, the native of Louvière can not help but look in the rearview mirror and talk about these inevitably painful months.

“Sometimes it was difficult to be injured. You want to play and you try to do it. But you are still in pain. These are the worst times. Sometimes it’s hard to understand: you do everything you need to do to make it go well and it doesn’t work … So you say to yourself, it’s better to do nothing after all, ” confides a bit fatalistic the person concerned. But no question of retreating into the past, the 2021-2022 vintage promises to be breathless, both with Real Madrid and with the Red Devils. Aware of the investment made by Real, revenge Eden Hazard again wants to subjugate observers with his talent. “Real Madrid have already spent a lot of money on me. I want to give it back to him. I signed for five years. The first two years didn’t go well, but I tell myself that I still have three more to prove my worth. I hope it’s going to go well, I hope to get up in the morning, go to training and say to myself, I’m perfectly healthy, I feel good. “ A wish shared by all Real Madrid supporters …

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