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Raila’s dilemma; Mishi Mboko or the rich Likoni businessman? Or will the people decide?






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Over the weekend, with the donation of a fleet of All Terrain Vehicles fully fitted with state-of-the-art communication equipment, a new name that now threatens to upset the dynamics of Likoni politics was introduced into the matrix; Benard Waore.

In recent times, the once all mighty Orange Democratic Movement party’s hold of the coast has been withering away slowly by slowly. The party has been bleeding following the departure of previously staunch party members such as Aisha Jumwa and Kilifi governor Amason Kingi. In view of these latest developments, a politician like Mishi has become indispensable, yet Bernard Waore appears quite promising.

In the much talked about donation, Waore was mentioned as, alongside Homeboyz Entertainment CEO Mike Rabar, those behind the donation of customised vehicles which seek to bolster Raila Odinga’s campaign, albeit the fact that he’s yet to officially announce interest in the seat.

The available and most reliable information about Waore comes from a site associated with him which says;

Bernard Waore born 1968, Schooled in Shikaadabu Primary 76-82, Aga Khan Mombasa, Allidina Visram before graduating from University of Nairobi with B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering 1993. He is surely a pride of Likoni, worked internationally, before establishing himself in Business.

On his online profiles, Waore describes himself as an engineer with bias in oil and gas operations, loves and lives life humanely. In politics for anchoring Kenya into the world of legislative strength for people. 

He further divulges that he believes that charity does not alleviate poverty, and that charity demeans humans. Empowering community to be self sustainable is key to community members. To achieve this our efforts shall be in two fronts.

1. Initiating programs that will empower community members and are replicable.

2. National Assembly legislation towards creating a conducive environment for sustainable community.

Waore has already declared interest in the Likoni parliamentary seat.

While on paper it’s always the politically correct thing to assert that party nominations will be left in the hands of the people to choose who they want, it’s no secret that preferences of party leaders, and bias in terms of party machinery and resources, go a long way in helping an aspirant.

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