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Raila Lifts The Veil On Several Graft Cases In Uhuru’s Government Other Than The Pandora Leaks






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ODM leader Raila Odinga has once again made a revelation regarding alleged graft in the government, after years of shying away from making revelations about President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

The former Prime Minister now says that some state officers have sought the help of lawyers to help them hide proceeds of funds they have stolen from the government and says that he can prove this.

He says that through these lawyers, the officials hold accounts with huge amounts. The leader says that a portion of these funds are acquired through bribes, adding that he has personally been offered such.

“I have been in government and there are temptations. Contractors will try to influence decisions. I have rejected them before,” the 2022 presidential hopeful told KBC on Wednesday.

The remarks come only two days after an exposé about world leaders stashing billions of money in offshore accounts, among them President Uhuru Kenyatta, said to have about $30 million.

Raila now says that there is need for every Kenyan with such accounts and properties abroad to make it public, even as he said that unlike the President, Al his wealth is within the borders of the country.

“I am sure the truth will come out. The President has said he will give more details on the claims. I want every Kenyan with offshore accounts to come out and declare them,” he said.

This is as he added that he sees nothing wrong with Kenyans having properties and money abroad, provided ded that the rent used to hide looted funds.

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