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Pupils tree-tying incident brings out Kenyans’ hidden demons as prominent people open up






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Although the recent incident in Laikipia County of three students who were tied to a tree because of playing truancy in Thiru Primary School has caused outrage among Kenyans, it is also now having an unintended consequence as days go by. In what is turning out to be a therapeutic release for most, many are opening up on what they really feel about their teachers from their childhood days.

It is now emerging just how much anger and bitterness millions of Kenyans have been carrying hidden within them at their teachers, even years after clearing school.

The incident in Laikipia has sparked debate on the treatment of students by their teachers, and as more and more prominent personalities share their experiences with teachers, many Kenyans are empathising with them as it becomes evident that there’s a lot of pent up anger against teachers in the country.

KBC news anchor Regina Manyara was among the first to weigh in on the issue, recalling that back when she was still in school, a teacher subjected her to a horrific experience. So charged up was Regina, popularly known as Ray, that she even went ahead to give out the teacher’s name; Mrs. Mureithi. She said that the teacher made her kneel in the gravel simply for arriving late to school. In a clear indication that she still has a lot of unresolved issues over the matter, she revealed that she has never met the teacher since clearing school, and is unsure what exactly she would do if they met.

She was speaking this on the morning show she helps host, Good Morning Kenya.

Interestingly, a lot of the feedback identified with her position, and appeared to express similar feelings.

The Trend’s Mariam Bashar was more extreme than her KBC colleague. Reflecting on the experiences that she, alongside many others have had, she suggested that students should be equipped and allowed to fight back against teachers. She argued that if teachers know students also have the ability to inflict pain on them, they won’t operate with so much impunity. Again, just like in Ray’s case, she received many comments agreeing with her sentiments.

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