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Pupils confront MPs threaten them with drug abuse






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Several school-going children stormed the National Assembly to confront Parliamentarians demanding a pay rise for their teachers.

The learners reportedly stormed the Democratic Republic of Congo carrying tree branches while threatening the lawmakers that they will turn to drug abuse if the teachers don’t get a pay raise.

“We want to study and if we don’t study, we will take drugs,” the students chanted.

An UN-owned Radio Okapi also reported that another group of students held a similar protest at the hall of the eastern town of Beni in the North Kivunregion.

The demonstrations follow an ongoing teachers’ strike that began on October 4. The tutors are demanding a pay rise and a lower retirement age among other issues.

On the other side, the government has accused religious leaders of being behind the strikes. This is because most schools in Congo are run by religious groups.

While addressing the demonstrating students, DRC’s parliament vice-president Jean-Marc Kabunda asked them to return home noting that the issue about their teachers’ pay does not concern them.

“You do not belong in the street, you belong at school and if you are not at school, you should be at home,” he said as reported by BBC.

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