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Valentine’s Week has to be the most anticipated week ever. The week when we express our untold, hidden feelings to our beloved. With the beginning of the second month, that is February, the love week gets started. The week begins with Rose Day which is celebrated on the 7th of February every year. The following day marks the celebration of “Propose Day”. It arrives on 8th February 2022. On this day, the people eventually release their secret feeling towards their crush or their friend and goes on to propose to them.


Propose day memes

Propose Day is the very special day celebrated in this love week. As on Rose day, the beautiful roses in various colors are exchanged, this day marks getting one step ahead. The people having strong feelings that they have been finding difficult to express to their love, eventually overcome their hesitation and propose them. So, basically, this day is all about expressing our longstanding feelings by gifting them with beautiful surprises alongside.

Propose Day Memes 2022

So, if you are also willing to make that someone special yours, just choose a rose or any other thing that you can afford and propose. There are plenty of people who fear to reveal how they feel about certain someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your crush whom you just see from a distance and smile or your friend with whom you spend most of the time. You can fearlessly share your feelings without a second thought. This day is just made for those people who feel shy about expressing themselves.


propose day images funny

Propose Day Funny memes

propose day funny iamges

Propose Day Images

propose day funny images

Propose Day meme


Well, it is also believed that if you propose to your crush or friend or your dating partner with pure sincerity and love, there are maximum chances of them accepting your proposal. It must be as pure as a child’s innocent heart. You can plan a surprise for your beloved and send them a number of images and quotes related to this beautiful day. The gesture will certainly make their heart melt and who knows if they actually like you back.

Propose Day is a popular week which is celebrated by pomp and show in almost every country. While the day also gives an opportunity to the people who are already in a relationship to bring some fun and spark in their lives. While the singles can change their relationship status from single to committed if their special person accepts their proposal. So, grab the chance and make them your life partner by giving them greeting cards with beautiful wishes as well.