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Producing ‘Alabede’ costs millions of naira —Actor Jide Awobona




Nollywood filmmaker, Jide Awobona, says his recently premiered movie “Alabede”  costs millions of naira.

The actor this during a chat with Punch.

He also stated that the movie is a fictional depiction of a certain era of the Yoruba people; revealing further that he has been nursing the idea of the movie for 10years before the eventual release.

Awobona said, “Producing ‘Alabede’ costs millions of naira, but the social and human capital invested in the production of the film is worth much more.

“Alabede is a fictional depiction of a certain era of the Yoruba people. The movie portrays a particular family whose duty it was to circumcise uncircumcised adult males. The storyline (although fictional) depicts a particular era in the history of the Yoruba people. It is my sixth movie, but an epic film, and it’s the first of its kind by me as I’ve never done an epic movie before now.

“I want to pass a message saying that culture is part of our identity and that we should not throw it away. Even the English language we speak today was borrowed, and we are even struggling with it. I feel you should not struggle with your language; one should own it.

“The movie was conceived over 10 years ago; and I have been nursing it and putting in something new as time goes by. However, the whole production and post-production took about a year. It is the most challenging movie I’ve produced so far because we went all the way to Oyo State not just as an actor but as a producer to get this done. I also had challenges with funds and other production issues.”

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