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President Biden Gets Pooped On By Bird During Inflation Speech




President Biden Gets Pooped on By Bird During Inflation Speech, #President #Biden #Pooped #Bird #Inflation #Speech Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

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President Biden Gets Pooped on By Bird During Inflation Speech

Fox News

President Biden‘s having a crappy day — just as he was trying to make a very serious point about inflation and the economy … a bird decided to drop a deuce right on his fancy suit.

JB was delivering a speech Tuesday in Menlo, Iowa — within what he described as a barn of some sort — where POTUS was talking about infrastructure, inflation and figuring out a way to lower costs for Americans … all in the framework of the farming industry.

While he was talking about seeing the work they do there and giving these folks praise, something fell down from above — and it wasn’t a little miracle … it was fowl poo.

Indeed … a little white thing splashes onto his left shoulder and leaves its splattered mark, but the Prez didn’t seem to notice — and in the moment, it didn’t appear too many others did either. Unfortunately, eagle-eyed viewers watching at home definitely saw it clear as day.

Celebrities With Birds

Bummer that Joe was in the line of fire here … you’d think they’d clear the place out of any feathered critters fluttering around up in the rafters — because Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate when it comes to defecation.

As we’ve seen … even the most rich and famous a* us are worthy targets. Heads up!


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