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Police Arrest Vocal Rift Valley MP and Gideon Moi Ally Over Deadly Clashes






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Tiaty MP William Kamket has been arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Detectives pounced on him and placed behind bars on Wednesday, September 8, in connection with the ongoing skirmishes in Laikipia.

The arrest comes barely hours after eight people, including three police officers, lost their lives in a span of just six days from bandit attacks in the area with the situation spiraling out of control.

Kamket was nabbed when the officers conducted a raid at his home in Tiaty, Baringo County.

He was taken to DCI offices in Nakuru where he is expected to be grilled over the ongoing skirmishes that have left hundreds of Kenyans displaced.

Rift Valley Regional Commander George Natembeya had declared war on all bandits and vowed to flush out their sponsors, some of whom are believed to be government agencies.

The Kanu legislator’s arrest comes just hours after detectives arrested former Laikipia North Member of Parliament (MP) Mathew Lempurkel.

Police Arrest Vocal Rift Valley MP and Gideon Moi Ally Over Deadly Clashes Lempurkel was picked up on Wednesday morning while at his home in Rongai, Kajiado County.

Laikipia North Member of Parliament Sarah Korere, in a Wednesday morning interview, claimed that tycoons and government agencies were secretly financing some of the bandits.

Korere told  Spice FM that the bandits were using expensive weapons that could only be acquired by wealthy individuals.

Korere echoed sentiments that had been raised by Natembeya who noted that the thugs were using sophisticated weapons used by foreign armies in war.

She further explained that the bandits could not acquire the kind of machinery they were using without the help of rich accomplices and even some government agencies.

“While our officers are using AK47 and G3 rifles, the bandits (in Laikipia) are using M16s and other heavy machinery, which are usually used by foreign armies who come for training in Kenya. We don’t know how they get these heavy weapons,” stated Natembeya while speaking to press.

“Who is supplying these bullets to them? Of course the cattle barons. These are not small men. I want to believe from where I sit that even some government agencies are behind this.

“You don’t need rocket science to know what is happening. You know the bullets those bandits are using. They don’t get

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