Playboi Carti Claims His Merch Store Was Hacked

Playboi Carti’s merch website appears to have been hacked.

Early Wednesday morning (Sept. 15), the elusive rapper shared a text message revealing that clothing and accessories that were recently up for sale on his website were being sold without his permission.

“THE WEBSITE IS HACKED THE REF FOLDER WAS POSTED LIVE,” the text, which was sent in a group message to two other unknown individuals, reads. “I NEVER APPROVED ANY CLOTHING/ETC.”

The site apparently was selling a motorcycle helmet ($5,000), a ski-like face mask ($40), a dad cap ($40), T-shirts (ranging from $45-$160), motorcycle gloves ($75), a hoodie ($110) and Nascar-esque racing jackets ($250).

Numerous fans have since shared screenshots of their purchases, specifically a $5,000 helmet, labeled a “narcissistic motorcycle helmet.” Other merch includes a $200 “narcissistic bomber jacket” and a $40 “narcissistic mask.” However, one person in particular pointed out that the merchandise on Carti’s webstore looked eerily similar to items from Chinese retailers. The fan has alleged that the image of the helmet on the former 2017 XXL Freshman’s merch site is the same as a helmet that is much cheaper and sold on a retail site based in China.

“Carti really said let’s do a $29 Chinese motorcycle helmet with a flat logo photoshopped on top for $5k fuck them kids,” the person tweeted.

They also shared that the mask Playboi Carti’s site is selling is going for $0.45 on Alibaba, a Chinese wholesale retailer website. The image of the bomber jacket appears to have come from a site similar to that of the mask and the helmet.

The majority of the merch sales were made today and as of reporting time, the website, which is accessible if you have the password, appears to be down at the moment. Presumably to sort out the aforementioned hacking issues.

It’s unclear whether or not Playboi Carti’s fans will receive a refund. However, many have sounded off below regarding the bizarre merch and its prices. Check out some of the reactions.

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