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Photos From Crazy Kennar Girlfriend’s Graduation






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Crazy Kennar is one of the most loved comedians we have in the country. He has been in the limelight for quite sometime gracing our timelines with content that is related to students in campuses, highschool and even back in our families. He has a crew of five members who help him come up with content and shooting. Together they are doing very well and the right people spotted their content and made them the brand ambassadors of Mizizi homes which is a real estate company.

Kennar is also the owner of a fast food restaurant based in Juja town called Instant delicacies. He runs the eatery with the help of his friends and his girlfriend who happens to be the financial advisor of the eatery.


Crazy Kennar has a beautiful lovelife with his girlfriend with whom he doesn’t reveal most about to the public. The two have been spotted with each other at various places having good moments together. On his girlfriend’s graduation from the Africa International University based in Karen,Kennar threw a party for her to celebrate her achievements.


The graduation was an invite only kind of event with close friends and family in attendance. The crew of Crazy Kennar chronicles were also in attendance to grace the event. Below are some of the beautiful photos of Crazy Kennar and his girlfriend, Natalie.

Poolitenes in One Picture…

Family love🔥

Look at saying,ayayayayayayayay😂😂😂😂😂😂mkuuu

Deep state ya comedy 🙌

Mnakaa poa.. ivyone🔥🙌🔥

Crazy Kennar

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