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Photo Of Woman Behind Juliani-Lilian’s Love Story






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Lilian Ng’ang’a, on Tuesday, revealed the identity of the woman who made her love her current boyfriend without any condition.

In an appreciation post, Lilian revealed that it is her sister, Angie Ng’ang’a who taught her who to love people unconditionally.

She said she had to let the sister know her significance in her (Lilian) life when she is still alive.

Lilian Ng’ang’a. Photo: Instagram “Appreciate and let people in your life know how much they mean to you when they are alive. They can’t read your messages when they are dead!” Lilian wrote on her Instagram page.

“Appreciating my sister @nganga_angie today.

I know unconditional love because of you. I love you.”

Lilian’s revelation about her sister teaching her how to love unconditionally comes days after her lover Juliani took her to his humble beginnings in Dandora.

The two visited Dandora Hip-Hop City (DHC) – a community-based organization that aims at creating and enhancing transformational spaces for talented residents from Dandora.

The organization played a key role in nurturing Juliani’s music career.

Singer Julius Owino alias Juliani. Photo: Instagram The love birds were captured in a photo shared on social media by the DHC members and they both seemed happy.

Juliani’s humble beginning

Juliani has never shied away from talking about his humble beginnings. The rapper revealed that he grew up in Dandora where his mother used to sell chapati, mandazi, and samosa at a small stall so that she could put food on the table for him and his siblings.

His early childhood seems to be opposite to that of Lilian who was brought up in a rich family.

But since they made their relationship official, Lilian has been trying to blend into Juliani’s world by visiting the slums he grew up in and also starting to embrace the matatu culture as a means of transport for them. A few days ago the couple was spotted at a matatu terminal with Juliani seen inviting Lilian to get on board.

According to Lilian, she has been able to do this through the help of her sister Angie. Below is the photo of Lilian’s sister.

Lilian Ng’ang’a and her sister Angie Ng’ang’a. Photo. Instagram

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