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Pandya Store Today’s Episode 16th Dec 2021 Written Update: Dhara Mortgages Her Jewellery




In the latest episode of Pandya Store, we have watched that Dhara is running away from Gautam. Shiva along with Dev and Gautam looking for Dhara. On another hand, Raavi and Prafulla reached to Anita and ask her to open the door. Anita is heading up to execute her plan and burn some papers and inwardly says lets’ create some nuisance first, Raavi and Prafulla are stunned seeing smoke there. Dhara hides seeing them and Anita asks why should I live when even Raavi doesn’t trust me. Raavi asks him to get away from him, Anita says I have nothing for Gautam, she further says that she had saved Dhara’s life.

Pandya Store Today's Episode 16th Dec 2021 Written Update: Dhara Mortgages Her Jewellery

Dahra is hiding somewhere when a man sees her with jewellery, the person further asks if you are fine, Dhara nods. The man says that he has a jewellery shop if she wants to sell or purchase anything. Dhara says that she has to sell some pieces of ornaments. The man asks her to come along with him at the same time Dhara sees Gautam and hides again. Anita, there is out of control and ablaze her veil. Raavi and Prafulla set off the fire and Anita hugs Prafulla.

Pandya Store Today’s Episode Update

Raavi apologised to her and says you are aware of my feelings for Dhara, Anita says Dhara is quite fortunate, but I can’t separate Gautam and Dhara, they are my friends. Raavi again apologised to Anita and she smiles. Gautam and Dev leave from there and Dhara noticed them and started to leave as well. Dhara is still along with the strange person who later offers her prasad and asks her to eat it you will feel better. The man then takes her to the shop and asks if she wants to buy or sell something. Dhara shows her the bag of jewellery.

Dhara tells the man that she wants to mortgage her jewellery, the man gets agreed and says that he can give him some cash but she has to come to the shop for this. The man takes the jewellery and gives some cash to Dhara and assures her that her jewellery is completely safe here. The man hires an auto for Dhara and asks her to come anytime to repay your loan and I will give your jewellery back. Tune in to Star Plus at 10:00 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the updates.