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Pakistani Tiktok star was getting lip surgery, money ended in the middle >




Pakistani Tiktok Star Hareem Sha Lip Job: Pakistani Tiktok star was getting lip surgery, the money ended in middle Pakistan’s TikTok star Harim Shah is in discussion these days for a special reason. Usually, Harim, who makes headlines for his videos and pictures, has undergone lip surgery. As soon as Harim Shah started the surgery, his bank account was frozen. In such a situation, she is unable to pay the doctor’s fees and is currently living with incomplete surgery. He has shown the condition of his lips by sharing the video. Follow More Update On CmaTrends

Pakistani Tiktok Star Hareem Sha Lip Job

Pakistani Tiktok star Harim Shah shared a video on social media late on Saturday night. In which his upper lip looks very thick. Shah has told that she has come to the UK for lip surgery. When he was in the doctor’s clinic for this, only then did he get a message on the phone that the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan has frozen his bank account. In such a situation, he has left his lip surgery incomplete.

A money laundering case is going on against Harim Shah. The FIA ​​launched a money-laundering probe against Harim Shah about two weeks ago. Now their bank accounts have been frozen. Before coming to the UK, Harim Shah was seen in a video with a lot of cash. Harim Shah had said that she was going on a trip from Pakistan to London and she had this money with her.

Why Pakistani Tiktok Star Hareem Sha Left Midway During Lip Filler Procedure?

Harim Shah had uploaded a video on January 10, in which she was seen showing the cash. After this, the FIA ​​launched an investigation against Shah in a money laundering case for moving large sums of money from Pakistan to the United Kingdom and the FIA ​​has also written to the UK’s National Crime Agency to take action against Shah. Let us inform you that in the Foreign Currency Guidelines of the Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan, only USD 10,000 is allowed to be withdrawn in foreign currency.