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Our Beloved Summer Episode 11 Preview Release Date Time Spoilers




The newly-released comedy series of Netflix has become the hot topic of the internet. Yes, we are talking about Our Beloved Summer that has been entertaining the K-drama lovers for quite some time. The adorable bickering between the lead couple to the dramatic dialogues and serialized flashbacks of the past have made the South Korean drama an instant hit. As of now, 10 episodes have been aired and now, the fans are anticipating the release of the next one. So, let’s check Our beloved Summer episode 11 release date, time, spoilers and preview.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 11

The romantic K-drama centres around the lead characters Kook Yeon-Su and Choi Ung played by Kim Da-Mi and Choi Woo-Shik respectively. The story is about a couple who broke up five years ago. The pair become the centre of attraction when a popular documentary that was filmed on them during their high school days surfaced online again. On popular demand, they are requested to let a documentary get filmed on them again which will show how their lives and perception towards one another had changed over time. Besides, Choi Ung is working as a secret painter under the name Ko-o while Yeon-Su runs a small company too.

Our Beloved Summer Ep 11

Further in the story, the duo cross paths after five years and show their dislike towards each other. Earlier in episode 10, it was shown that Yeon-Su and Choi-Ung come to realize that they are compatible together. The episode titled “Hello, My Soul Mate” eventually makes the pair realize that they have feelings for each other. Even though it took ten episodes to make them understand their feelings, it was worth it as better late than never. However, they were shown constantly pushing the idea of getting back together and considering the fact that they should stay friends only.

Now, Our Beloved Summer Episode 11 is all set to entertain the viewers as it would be released on Monday, January 10, 2022, around 3 PM GMT. As the previous episodes were around one hour long, it is expected that the upcoming episode will be that long too. The K-Drama is available to watch on Netflix and several other sites with Eng subtitles. The 16 episodes long Korean drama will be left with five more episodes to release after the broadcast of the 11th one. Besides, it is expected that the main lead will come closer to one another in the forthcoming episodes. Follow our site, Social Telecast, for more updates.