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OPINION; Ruto’s rivals biggest blunder is thinking his supporters are fools- they’re actually sly!






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The biggest difference between Communist leaders such as Lenin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Stalin, and our very own self-proclaimed hustler William Ruto is that the Communist leaders had succeeded in convincing their naïve and poor followers that they had their best interests at heart. In Ruto’s case however, two stark differences emerge; first, while Ruto has been accused of not being a true Hustler, his followers aren’t true Hustlers themselves. The Boda bodas and touts he often talks about make more than 5 dollars a day. Secondly, even in the case of the real Hustlers that support him, they are doing so but with the full knowledge that the entire Hustler narrative is a lie.

Just last week, while making an appearance in Parliament to answer to summons that had been issued to him, Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i went out of his way to expose the Deputy President’s wealth to Kenyans in a move that was perceived as intended to portray him as a devious leader with billions stashed away while he pretends to be in solidarity with struggling hustlers.

However, unbeknownst to Dr. Matiang’I and the rest in his camp is that, the relationship between DP William Ruto, and his so called army of Hustlers, is a relationship which each is using the other, and both know that there’s no sincerity involved.

Ruto’s support emanates from three main areas. His undoubtedly biggest and most reliable support base is from his Rift Valley backyard. The obvious motivation behind the support he enjoys here is the clear ethnic lineage that he shares with the people.

The second biggest support base that he has is that from Central Kenya. While it’s a rich vote basket, pundits still treat it with suspicion, as fears that voters there may change sides and support one of their own continue to persist. The motivation behind Central region’s support for him is that he’s considered the only person who can victimise Raila in the way that Kibaki and even Uhuru failed to.

His third biggest support is the small pockets of members that he has been picking across the country. While some argue that these supporters are those who have been convinced by the goodies handed to them by Mr. Ruto’s grassroots mobilisers, this has been refuted by his defenders.

Nevertheless, one thing remains certain; all the three groups of the DP’s supporters aren’t supporting him because they believe in the Hustler’s narrative. They support him because the Hustlers movement provides them with a golden opportunity which to hide behind their true selfish reasons for their support.

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