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OPINION: Is Jimmy Wanjigi out to cause split in ODM?






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Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi could be out to recreate history of 1992 first multi-party elections that witnessed the fall out and eventual split of the main opposition party Ford.

Ford a political storm and movement was behind the repeal of section 2a and was seen to be a force that could have driven President Daniel Arap Moi Kanu led to defeat.

However, it became embroiled in leadership tussle that neutralized its force and left it a limping tiger.

The tussle for party presidential ticket pitied the doyen of opposition the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and his political friend Kenneth Matiba.

The scramble for party ticket witnessed the split of Ford into two entities Ford Kenya of Odinga and Ford Asili of Matiba. The two leaders went to lose the presidential election leaving Moi to carry the day.

Ford Kenya has survived but remained a marginal party while Ford Asili was thrown into political oblivion.

Twenty years later, ODM could be facing the fate that Ford faced through Wanjigi political antics and mechanisation?

Wanjigi who is hardly three months in the party seems to be running a parallel outfit in the party and he has been opening party offices in Central Kenya without the engagement of party structure and officials.

Similarly, he has been courting Raila close allies in the party and has become one of the harsh critic of Raila.

His move has not gone down well with the party leaders who have been wondering his main agenda and why he has all over sudden trained his gun on Raila.

It is not lost to the analysts that Raila risked his life to protect Wanjigi when State machineries were trained on him.

While top ODM leaders namely Governors Wycliffe Oparanya and Hassan Joho who had declared interest for the party presidential ticket have cooled off their ambition, Wanjigi has been lighting fires in Raila house.

Just when Raila is receiving endorsement from Central Kenya and other parts of the country, Wanjigi is busy creating disharmony in the party.

The big question that is being asked, is Wanjigi working to undermine Raila path to presidency now that he has received backing from President Uhuru?

Who could be Wanjigi be working for and why the change of heart?

Is Wanjigi genuinely in ODM and what could be his agenda?

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