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One injured as chaos Rocks KAG Church in Kirinyaga.





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One person was Injured as rival groups clashed on Sunday at the Kenya Assembly of God (KAG) Sagana church in Kirinyaga as leadership wrangles escalated.

The chaos broke out when the church, under the leadership of Bishop Ben Irungu of Mount Kenya was wrapping up the church service in which congregants demanded to know who will be their pastor.

The congregants demanded Esther Wachira, the husband to the late pastor, to take over the leadership of the church.

However, Bishop Ben Irungu is said to have fallen out with Pastor Nahashon Maina leadership style touching off a long battle over the control of the church.

“Bishop before you conclude the service we are aware today is a big day for us because you are ordaining our new pastor because our new pastor Rev. William Wachira died in March this year,” They said.

” This woman (Esther Wachira) started the church with her husband, now that the church has stand firm, they want to give the church leadership to another person,” their statement added.

Afterwards, chaos broke out, and one of the deacons identified as Gichau was seen bleeding.

While addressing the media, Gichau accused pastor Maina for hitting him in the head with a microphone.

“Pastor Maina has hit me with a microphone, I was standing so as to ask a question, then he hit me…even if I will be killed, we still want pastor Esther Wachira,” he said.

Police officer from Sagana police arrived at the scene and calmed the situation before the church was closed.

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