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Ombudsman writes to state on the nightmare of Kenyans suffering in Saudi Arabia.






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The Commission on Administrative Justice(CAJ) has weighed into the matter on the death and torture of Kenyans, especially young women,working in Saudi Arabia as Domestic workers is an endless tale.

This comes barely a few weeks as countless cases of sexual harassment, violence, torture and starvation of Kenyan Women working in Saudi Arabia have been witnessed

In a letter, CAJ chairperson Florence Kajuju wrote to the Cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social protection asking him to clearly indicate on the matter and the ‘steps taken if any, or intended action and time frames,’

The Ombudsman indicates that it is in receipt of complaints to the effect that attemps by victim and their family to pursue justice have been frustrated.

“Regrettably…distress calls for Kenyan workers in Saudi Arabia have been ignored with fatal consequences. We look forward to hearing from you with a view to remedy lapses in the administration of migratory labour,” Kajuju told Chelugul.

She further took the issue with the National employmy Authority over the presence of rogue recruitment agencies who abandon workers as soon they arrive in the middle East.

The Kenyan government has adequately failed to monitor overseas recruitment agencies while the Saudi Arabian government has a reputation of indifference to the plight of foreigners.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government has continuously warned its citizen against travelling to the Middle East using unscrupulous agents who are know for luring desperate women to seek menial job abroad.

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