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Notjustinw Twitter Video of 14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed On Riding Bike Missile




WATCH: Notjustinw Twitter Video of 14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed On Riding Bike Missile: If you were aware of the Russian and Ukraine situations and watch every news then you can see that both the countries’ relations are not going well. Both have some disputes and have some arguments with each other. Because of this, they started the war, and people faced difficulties so much. In this regard, a 14-year-old girl has died by hitting a Russian missile. The video shared by the Twitter user whose name is Notjustw is a record of wartime. On February 24, the 14-year-old girl was walking down the street something around 7 a.m. when the missile landed on the same spot. She was heavily injured in the explosion and after a while, you see that she was trying to wake up herself, but she can’t move her body anymore. She’s just crawling. The 14-year-old girl was killed in the Russian bombing of Ukraine. Follow More Update On

Notjustinw Twitter Video

Notjustinw Twitter Video

Some have criticized the Ukrainian military for openly keeping some citizens on the streets during the war. They say Ukraine cannot protect its citizens and girls should be aware of not going out during the war. But most of the others prayed for them. Putin calls on Ukrainian troops to end resistance, stand with their leaders. Russian President Vladimir Putin reached out to the Ukrainian military on Friday to settle down the issues and finally end the war. But it seems like Ukraine’s president doesn’t talk to anyone maybe because of his attitude or maybe because of his arrogance. On Friday, there was a meeting organized at the security council. Putin said most of the Ukrainian troops were reluctant to join the Russian power. There is no confirmation that says he stops the war. Chances are he probably gonna do for the third World War.

14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed On Riding Bike Missile Video

Talking about the Russian side, they say they had seized the main airport of Hostel, just 7 kilometers away northwest of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and parachuted troops nearby. Some sources also say that Ukrainian special forces killed more than 200 people at the event. The service guarantees that Russian troops are blocking access to Kyiv from the west, and rebels in eastern Ukraine, backed by Russian troops, have attacked Ukrainian troops. Russian missiles have hit the capital and other major parts of the country where people are mostly seen. Some families have opted to leave their countries and live in another country. The President of Ukraine named Volodymyr Zelensky has demanded more action from the world.


Another controversial video has been hitting the internet again. Yes, you read it right that another video has been gaining everyone’s attention on social media networking sites but this time, the video does not contain any adult or inappropriate content. The video that is going viral on the internet this time is from Ukraine which has been watched by many and left them in shock and grief. Yes, a video of a biker girl has been trending on the internet which was recorded during wartime in Ukraine. In this article, you will get all information about the video and the girl.

According to the reports, a video of 14 years old Ukrainian biker girl has left the entire world in grief. Recently, a video was shared on Twitter by Notjustinw that went viral rapidly. As soon as the video circulated on several social media platforms, it gained lots of reactions from the netizens. The netizens have been expressing their thoughts and opinion over the video. People are in grief after watching the video.


The video that has been going viral on the internet and was shared by a Twitter user named Notjustinw was captured during the war on the Ukrainian roads. In the video, a 14 years old girl can be seen walking down the streets at about 7 am on 24 February 2022 when a rocket landed on the same spot. The girl got injured brutally in the explosion, after a while, she can be seen trying to get up but she failed to get up. The girl was killed in the Russian bombing of Ukraine.

As soon as the video went viral, the netizens who watched the video criticized the Ukrainian military for letting the citizens wander on the streets during wartime. There are some people who said that Ukraine has failed to protect its citizens. They believe that people should be stayed at their homes, especially girls should be aware of going out in the course of the war.

Many people have also prayed for the girl who was killed. The video that was shared on Notjustinw’s Twitter account has been viewed by many. It has been circulated all over the world. People are saddened after seeing the unexpected demise of a young girl who was innocent. The entire world is praying that the war should be stopped between Russia and Ukraine. Stay tuned with us for more updates.