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No music award since I began my career as a musician— Blackface




Blackface, Nigerian musician said he not has been successful in the Nigerian music industry.

The singer stated this while discussing his challenges as a musician during a chat with TV host with Chude Jideonwo.

According to him, no music show has given him an award since he began his career because he’s someone they don’t rate.

He said he started music in a bid to give voice to the minority whom he represents.

Blackface said “People see success in different ways. I haven’t been successful in the music industry in terms of the works I’m putting out paying me; buying me a bigger house and space. I don’t really have that.

“What I do have is the respect from the people on the streets; those who say thank you for the music. There’s nothing I can do about that. I started music because I wanted to make it for the fans, not to get rich or famous.

“I started it because I come from Benue state and we’re dubbed the minority. I thought that, if I had a microphone, I was going to be loud and people would be able to hear me. That way, they can listen to the plights of my people.

“That’s the reason why I’m making music. I’m satisfied inside. I don’t care about teh accolades. No Nigerian music industry show has given me one award since I became a singer because I’m teh one they don’t want to rate.

“I’m the one they don’t want to talk about. As long as people embrace the music, I don’t care. I do music differently and they want to be like, ‘why is he different and saying he’s special’. I’m in a foreign land even if I’m in Nigeria.”

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