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Nigerian Woman Arrested By Indian Police, Alongside Her 2 Children, Cries Out (Video)




A Nigerian woman has cried out after she was detained alongside her two children by the police in Delhi, India.


In a now-viral video, the mother of two said she was picked up by the police officials around 6pm while at her shop and was thereafter taken to their station.

The woman said on arriving at the police station, however, none of the officials told her what her offence was.

According to her, an official later informed her that she would have to sleep in custody with her kids till the following day when the person handling her case will be available.

In the video, she lamented the alleged maltreatment she and her kids aged 3 and 2 were being subjected to by the officials.

The distraught woman said she told the officials that her children were complaining of hunger, they were offered Indian meals which they barely managed to eat.

She was also seen blasting the officials, accusing them of lacking empathy for fellow human beings.

She said, “My Nigerian people, see me; I’ve been here since 6 pm with my two children. The first one is three years; the second one is two years. Since they brought us here, they did not ask us anything.

“They only came to ask my name, age and nationality which l answered them. That’s all they demanded for, nothing else.

Around 11pm, my children complained of hunger and when l told them, they brought Indian meals that they could barely eat.

They said my case would be attended to in the morning.

“I was in my shop when they arrested me without any known offence. I wasn’t arrested with drugs or laptop.”

Watch video below: