Nigerian Man Narrates How Rat Poison Kills Cobra Terrifying His Home (Photos)

A Nigerian man narrates how rat poison kills a venomous snake (cobra) that has been terrifying his home and his neighborhood at large.

In his narration, he explains how he noticed the snake and how it was eventually killed by a rat poison.

Read narration below:

his big black snake once startled me close to my house at night on my way back from work. I told my landlord so we kept on the look-out for it without success. Some months later, I returned from work at night and met my landlord sitting outside. While discussing with him, His wife noticed something moving on top of a pile of building blocks arranged in an undeveloped plot of land close to us and it turned out to be the snake. Once again it escaped.

Some days ago my landlord used rat poison to kill the small rats wrecking havoc in his apartment, He then gathered the dead rats and disposed them in the same plot of land that doubles as our refuse bin and a safe haven for the slithery creature. Just this evening we discovered that the snake was lying stone dead in the refuse bin haven probably fed on the poisoned rats. A critical observation revealed a decomposing portion in its abdomen arguably resulting from a secondary poisoning from the rats it fed on.Β How the mighty have fallen easily.

Petrol and rags have been used to burn up the remains to avoid the poignant smell that will infiltrate the atmosphere if it is allowed to putrefy.

NB: No pepper soup things on this as I wont have been alive to type this.Β grinΒ grinΒ grin

See Photos Below:

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