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Nigerian Man Lands In Hot Soup After A Nigerian Lady Reported Him To His Employer For Color-shaming




A Nigerian man has landed in hot soup with his US employer after a Nigerian lady he colour-shamed on Instagram reported him.


Joyce Agbanobi who shared a screenshot of a chat with the Nigerian man she identified as Oluwaseun Adeoye on LinkedIn, said the comment would have weighed her down 6 years ago.

Maintaining that she won’t allow anyone emotionally abuse women, Agbanobi said she never expected such message during father’s day celebration.

She Wrote;

“Today is a great day and I am super excited to celebrate fathers for all that they do and how they constantly put their life’s on the line for their Families!


But also on a great day like this, another Black mature man @oluwaseun adeoye working for Wells Fargo who I barely know, deemed it fit to color shame me for no reason. But why??? What was my offense???

I grew up hating my skin, was bullied, insulted and sort just because I am black, went through this as a Nigerian in Nigeria “Black Nation” (Surprising right but it’s the fact)! 6years ago I would have taken @oluwaseun’s Adeoye advice by going to change my skin color for any amount and cried myself to death!

But No, I am not that girl anymore! I am a strong black successful woman and I love my skin but will not allow this bully run around the street emotionally abusing women!

In 2021 and on a beautiful day like this, when we celebrate fathers I didn’t expect a message like this from another Black Man but this has to stop here!!!

@oluwaseun Adeoye a Wells Fargo employee has to be called to order, we need to protect other women from people like him!!!”